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      Indian: The S-400 air defense system we bought from Russia is full of Chinese electronic parts, what should we do?

       2020-06-22 16:31:36

      The confrontation in the border area has gradually escalated recently, and it has also caused great concerns in India. What defense should be taken once the war is launched? In recent years, I have always wanted to buy the S-400 air defense missile system from Russia, even at the expense of the United States. During the confrontation, the Indian side once again raised a discussion about the purchase of the S-400 system, but the Indian experts revealed a secret that the Indian army may not be able to use the S-400, and all this blames China. What does this have to do with us?

      According to the Russian "Topwar" military website, Indian expert Subramani Swami said that signing a multibillion-dollar order with Russia has no meaning for national security because they cannot protect New Delhi from external threats. Is it because the performance of S-400 is not good enough? 

      In fact, although the S-400 system is very popular, even the American ally Turkey has to buy it even if it offends the United States. But on the battlefield in Syria, the S-400 was highly questioned, because the S-400 system was often "failed" for attacks by Israeli F-35 fighters. The S-400 air defense missile was never launched after it was stationed in Syria. But Swami is not worried about performance, but his supply chain.

      Russian media said he made shocking remarks: The Russian S-400 system was manufactured using electronic components purchased from China, and it was no accident that China became the system's first overseas customer. Obviously, the use of air defense systems with Chinese electronic components by the Indian Army is a serious threat. What should we do? Although the S-400 is a very powerful weapon, it does not work with Chinese participation.

      However, the outside world expressed doubts about his statement, and Russian media refuted: Even US defense companies will use electronic components from China, and China has become a key in the global supply chain. Even the C-130J transport aircraft and P-8A submarine recently sold to India by the United States are included. And there is currently no evidence that the S-400 system has components made in China.

      It is worth noting that Swami believes that once the S-400 system is purchased, it may damage the defense relationship between India and the United States. And this news was circulated during the Sino-Indian confrontation. The expert used two sensitive points in India to persuade India to abandon the S-400 system and think about who will benefit the most from it, and then know who is behind the scenes.



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