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      Yueqing Sanxin Electronics Co., Ltd.

      Quality policy:
      Take clients as the focus paying close attention to, constantly improve the quality control system.
      Quality target: 
      The yield of finished products reaches 95%. Certificate rate at ex-works up to 100%
      The marketing economy follows the law of value and is a competitive and constantly enterprising economy, excellence wins while badness losses, the key factor of enterprising is the know-how
      The technically enterprising capacity of an enterprise is an important mark to evaluate the competitive ability of its core. chunsheng strengthens the technical enterprising in the fields of both electric and electronic apparatus by consistent efforts and opens up a new era of the electronic industry and, by strict management, special talents, high tech and advanced production equipments, ensures its technical research and development to be always satisfactory to the constantly updated demand of market competition the enterprise is facing. It is the foundation stone of the strategy of this Co. to guarantee an excellent quality and chunsheng has provided its clients with a reliable guarantee by means of advanced know-how and strict detection. 
      Quality culture:
      During the development of the enterprise, we have passed on such a road as from the quality-benefit type to the quality scale-benefit type, made the quality consciousness with the whole personnel extended from work, efficiency, style of work to service and gradually fostered such a quality culture as "Quality comes from doing, quality is a conscious behavior, quality serves for the users, let quality showing the dignity of sanxin people.

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